Wednesday, October 20, 2010

15 months

My little Amelia. Even though she still isn't talking much she is still changing every day and becoming more and more of a playmate for Penelope. She recently has started sitting (or standing) still to watch little bits of Sesame Street with Penelope. Makes for a great photo opp.

The Knoll

The building Jiffer spends all of his time at on the Stanford Campus is called the Knoll. We recently went to a BBQ there with the girls. It is a beautiful old building with an amazing view from the 2nd story.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Presenting the Penelope dress

With the help of Becky's new serger, we finished this dress. It's not perfect, but it's pretty great, considering it's our first try and we did it without a pattern. The dress is a little dirty in this picture, because I can't get Penelope to take it off long enough to get it washed!

Monday, October 11, 2010

The Beloved Sha

It's probably time I explain where 'The Sha Diaries' came from. When Penelope was a little baby learning to talk, she called her pacifier a Sha. Not sure how she came up with that from pacifier, but she did. We've called them that ever since. Our lives have been full of shas. (Millie has them too, although she has always had a different kind of sha so the girls wouldn't fight over them) Penelope LOVES her shas. Had them ever since she was born. Her favorite kinds were the green and pink squishy ones. The ones meant for newborn babies. It's been a tough topic given her attachment to them, but for the sake of her teeth and becoming a big girl, we all decided it was time to move on from them. So we had a little Sha Fairy party to bid them farewell. She tied them to her favorite tree in the front yard with a note, had cupcakes and danced and sang a goodbye song. She was so excited at the thought of a visit from the Sha Fairy who would fly to our house gather the Shas and deliver them to other babies. She was super excited that night. She was trying to be brave, but as she was trying to fall asleep she got really sad. It was heartbreaking. She woke up several times throughout the night, but she did it.

The Sha Fairy was kind enough to leave a little present - a sleeping beauty gown - to thank her for the donation. Last night and tonight have been better although she's been going to bed way too late. She just about outlasts Jiffer and I. We considered ripping off the band-aid quickly and getting rid of Millie's shas at the same time, but we didn't have the courage. Another time.