Thursday, March 3, 2011

Is it spring yet?

 My newest sewing project.  I guess I'm ready for spring.

Much needed getaway

Thanks to a very generous offer from Becky & Jason to watch our girls, Jiffer and I went on a little mini vacation to the Napa Valley last weekend.  We had a fantastic time (except for the part when the fire alarm went off in our hotel at 7:15am - but I'll get to that later).  When we arrived at Hotel Avia in downtown Napa, we got to witness the first 'snow' (if you can call it that in 50 degree weather) in this area since 1976.  It lasted less than a minute...and then we saw it snow again on our way into the first winery we visited Swanson Vineyards.  We did some tasting at the Sip Shoppe at Swanson.  They call it a candy store for adults.  Yes indeed.


After that, we went to Round Pond, an incredibly beautiful family owned estate producing not only wine, but olive oils and vinegars.  We were served some pretty incredible food and wine pairings.  They, of course, had no problem catering to my vegetarian diet (thank you California).  One of the bites I had involved a crostini and kale pesto.  Yum.

Back at the hotel, we enjoyed a complimentary wine tasting and chair massage.  It was almost a perfect trip.  Time for us to 'reconnect' as a couple in a beautiful setting with delicious food and wine.  Jiffer and I were especially excited about the sleeping in part.  We haven't done that more than a handful of times since 2007.  A little after 7am, defining smoke alarms sounded and we had to evacuate the hotel.  You've got to be kidding me.  Our ONE, yes one morning to sleep in.  False alarm.  Whoops. 

Thanks Becky & Jason.  We owe you.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Some beautiful sights

My mom came in town recently and we used her visit as a good excuse to do a couple of small trips to the beaches of northern California.  We did a day trip to Half Moon Bay exploring Moss Beach and having lunch in downtown.  There is a little hike that leads you to a grove of beautiful Cypress trees and some other beautiful tree (not sure of the name) and overlooks the beach.  This is the second time the girls and I visited this area.

I love this series of our family - Penelope's become quite the photogenic one

We also went on a two day trip to Point Reyes.  Point Reyes was amazing!  I'm not sure which was more beautiful.  The dramatic seashore or the beautiful rolling hills and dairy farms that we drove through to access the shore.  It reminded me of Ireland except their were tons of dairy cows roaming the hills instead of sheep.  We went to the North Beach which warns against getting too close to the water because they have 'sneaker waves' that are extremely dangerous.  The surf was spectacular.  We were told the waves were 17 feet tall.  The house we rented - The Blackthorne Inn - was very unique and cozy.  We would definitely like to go back again some day.