Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Doctor is In

We recently took Sadie in for her annual check-up.  We were driving home from dinner the other night (prior to her appointment) and Jiffer and I were explaining what a veterinarian was and why Sadie was going to go see one.  We told her that a veterinarian was an animal doctor.  That they treat dogs, cats, and various other animals depending on their practice and training.  At some point one of us said that a vet is a dog doctor.  Penelope asked, "A dog doctor?"  "Yes, a dog doctor".  "A dog doctor?"  "YES, A DOG DOCTOR!"  This went on and on for a few minutes.  We continued to explain that they aren't always doctors for dogs, but also cats, guinea pigs, bunnies, etc.  She kept on until Jiffer just about lost it in frustration of answering the same question 50 times until she finally said something that made me figure out what was getting her.  "So is a dog doctor just for dogs?"  I asked her if she thought Sadie's doctor was going to be a dog?  That was it.  She thought a dog doctor (i.e. veterinarian) was actually a dog.  She wanted to know if a dog doctor only treated dogs or if they treated other animals.  Once Jiffer and I figured this out, it totally melted away any frustration and made us opened our eyes to the sweet innocence and magical world of our little 4 year old.  Would a guinea pig doctor big a guinea pig?  I don't see why not.  Makes a little bit of sense, right?  Ah, I LOVE seeing through the eyes of a four year old.  Which reminds me of a fantastic quote I read again today at Children's Discovery Museum of San Jose.  I'll post that shortly.  It's a lovely quote that would serve me well as a mother to read it every day.


  1. Sadie looks like she would be a great "Dog Doctor" or, give her a guitar and I totally can see her playing a tune. At any rate, I love her wearing the hat. As I recall, she made a pretty darn good reindeer too.

  2. Penelope is so innocent and curious - I love that about her. Did you ever find the quote you were talking about from the Children's museum? I bet I would like it.